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Kansas City Ghost Hunts, Psychics and Psychic Fairs

Kansas City Ghost Hunts, Psychics and Psychic Fairs

Kansas City has a thriving psychic and New Age community  complete with Tarot card readers, trance chandlers, mediums, palmists and Rieki  workers. 

  There are also a fair number of psychic shops in Kansas City  including the West Port Psychic Shop, the White Light Bookstore and Amethyst Dreams.  These stores specialize in offering candles, oil, incense, crystals skulls,  Egyptian items, Feng Shui items and magical supplies.

  Every April and October the Psychical Research Society puts  on one of the best psychic fairs in the Midwest that includes metaphysical  product vendors, all kinds of readers and lectures on dream interpretation, how  to be a psychic and fortune telling.

  Kansas City is also one of the more haunted cities in the  American Midwest. One of the most famous ghosts is called The Phantom of Sauer  Castle.  Sauer Castle is an architectural  anomaly that looks like something from medieval times in England.  This is the ghost of a woman whose baby was  murdered who apparently walks the top of the castle’s towers. It is also  believed that a doctor who shot himself haunts the grounds.

  There is a haunted fraternity house on the grounds of a  building that was once known as St. Mary’s hospital. Sightings of a nurse from  the 1960s era is often seen there. Televisions also  automatically turn on in the current patient faculty.  when the program Star Trek is on .This is  because one of the deceased patients there was a big Star Trek fan.

  The city also is home to a paranormal investigations company  called KC Ghost that helps people in Kansas get rid of unwanted entities in  their homes.  Ghost tours are popular in  Kansas City which includes a Full Moon Ghost Hunt once a month. Accompanied by  a paranormal guide you will use psychic instruments that take infrared photos  and measure room temperature to visit local Kansas City haunted places.